The Laser District 24 fleet is very active throughout the year. And we have regattas for every taste and skill.

Some members have tried some sort of “cruising” club and I am not sure the Laser is best suited for that. Marcel, Chris and a group of crazy geezers have done a “cruise” from the Richmond Yacht Club to Benicia. The wind picked up, Lasers started to capsize left and right. Everybody was happy, but needless to say the support boats came in handy. There are still discussions of a trip accross the San Francisco Bay or to Bonita Point, past the Golden Gate and into the Pacific Ocean. We’ll do some reporting on those epic trips.

The winter season is slow. Most of us go skiing in the Sierras and the lucky few go training in Mexico. The Richmond Yacht Club has a regatta every month.

We have broken the regattas into several groups:

Class 1 / World Class: the venue is exceptional, the race committee is top notch, with a Club used to run World level regattas. Don’t be surprised to race against the very best.

Fun regattas: the venue is super friendly, often camping with friends and family. This is a place where you build memories of good times.

District 24 Championship. This is the local championship where you will get a taste of all kinds of regattas from top notch St Francis Yacht Club to the worst (confused race committee and no wind). In 2019 West Coast Sailing is the sponsor. Thank you, George! Rules are here.

Junior. No explanation needed here. District 24 has produced some of the best sailors in the country. Some of them continue to race in College at Stanford, Yale and other prestigious teams. They are competitive and very good.

Masters. You need to be above 35 to belong to that elite group. Some of them are very good sailors, others are always grumpy. Liquor is sometimes involved. They love to camp. “Let’s party all night” very often turns into lights out by 09 pm. Some of them don’t even wake up from their post regatta nap. Emilio brings good wine, Steve pulls his guitar, JB has appetizers in his Sprinter palace. Expect good camaraderie and fun.

Racing. Expect good competition and lots of Lasers.

The St Francis Yacht Club runs three regattas: the Spring Dinghy, Elvstrom-Zellerbach, and the Fall dinghy.

Lake races vary. The best one by far is the Huntington / High Sierra regatta in July. The Camelia Cup on Folsom lake or the Yosemite Lake have no wind at all most of the time, but the camping is fun.

For Monterey you need to learn a whole new set of skills, avoiding sea lions and clearing seaweed every 5′ or so. The parking is very basic with no showers nor a water hose to clean your boat. Parking is expensive.

Anyway there is something for everybody. Some of us race a Radial at the windy St Francis regattas while we sail a full rig for all others.

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