West Coast Sailing is the sponsor of our 2019 Championship

The website is the result of the collective effort of several Laser sailors:

Steve Aguilar is the District 24 secretary

Chris Ganne is our money man and VP of advertising. If you want to advertise your company to thousands of top Laser sailors, reach out to him. We are totally supported by donations.

Sarah Young, one of the top Radial racers in the country, is the person to contact if you are a Junior or a Woman and have questions.

JB Duler puts the whole things together and manages our website. Reach out to him for comments, suggestions, or typos (he won’t be offended, English is not his native language).

Dan, a recent addition to the fleet and proud owner of a recent Laser is our VP design.

Emilio Castelli is one of the top Laser racers worldwide.  He is also the official wine provider of the Laser Sailors in California.

Marcel and Stephen bring adult supervision to the group.

Bob is the scorer

Toshi is our social media manager and has access to both our Facebook and Instagram accounts

This site is funded by its members: hosting, software, plugins.  Please donate.

Fleet captains:

Mike Bishop is the fleet captain for Alameda and they race on Thursday nights. mjpbishop@gmail.com

Roger Herbst is the fleet captain at Shoreline and they race on Wednesday nights.    rogersails@yahoo.com

John Duval is the fleet captain for Lake Washington sailing club they race on Thursday nights.   jhdoval@mac.com

Rick Raduziner is the fleet captain for Tahoe and they race On Monday nights

Laird Henkel is the fleet captain for Santa Cruz. Contact: lasersantacruz@district24.org

Dynamic Dollies and Racks was our generous sponsor in 2018