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My name is JB Duler, I have been racing a Laser on and off since it was first introduced in France many, many years ago. I was not a top sailor back then, and I have not improved over the years. I am a Grand Master and still race in the US and beyond. For years I raced on the West Coast and I slept in the back of my pick up, but last year I showed up with a brand new shiny Sprinter with my sponsor’s name on it, Dynamic Dollies, where I am one of the co-Founders.

I have decided to improve communication among laser sailors, reconnect with the ones who gave up, and push for more fun and more racing.

The old District 24 website was useless and crappy. The Google API was not loading anymore, there was no meaningful information, and there was a banner ad for for some penny stock (a company selling pot).

Welcome to the new Laser District 24 site!!!

This site is yours: posts, photos, comments, racing calendar, tips. Please bring suggestions to me.

You will notice that there is a login to view the site. That is mistake and that will be removed later. Down the road only the membership information will be subject to login (to avoid hackers and spam).

I want to thank Christina Shaw (some of you will remember her as our host at the Santa Cruz regatta) and Sarah Young, a rising Radial sailor and a future Olympian. Sarah in fact signed up as a Dynamic Dollies athlete (surprise!). They both helped creating the Google Sheet I use to track the regattas, dates, location, and yacht club.

The result is our 2019 Calendar.  Take the time to play with it, view the entire list, the month, or select the regattas you want to see: junior, Masters. District 24 Championship.

You will notice photos of me and Chris Ganne. That’s what I got. So, please send me all your great photos.

Last thing: I did that in my spare time, and I need a lot of help. If you can spare some time and have web/PHP/design skills please reach out to me. I also need help with content.


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