2019 West Coast Sailing District 24 Laser Grand Prix

1 Rules

1.1 The series will be governed by this Notice of Series and the Racing Rules of Sailing, which include the ILCA class rules by default. Individual events in the series will be governed by the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions published by the organizing authorities for each event. Regardless of individual event NORs and SIs, ILCA class rules will be observed at all times.

1.2 The organizing authority for the series is District 24 of the North American Laser Class Association. This Northern California series is independent from the individual regattas listed below (see section 4).

2. Eligibility and Entry

This event is open to all Laser Standard and Laser Radial sailors who are ILCA members. Entry in the series is automatic on participating in one event in the series.

3. Risk

It is the competitor’s decision to enter the series, any event in it and to start or continue any race. The competitors are ultimately responsible for the risks. The competitor will accept full responsibility for all his/her actions during any activity related to the event. This includes onshore activities before, during and after the regatta.

4. Schedule of Events

Please check the calendar at XXXX for up-to-date details on this series and the events composing it.

The 2019 events are listed here.

Important note: the Calendar lists also a lot of regattas, some Juniors only, others for Masters. Any question, just email Stephen Aguilar

5 Registration

Registration in the series will be automatic on participating in one event in the series.

6 Fees

No additional fees beyond ILCA membership are required. Please sign up at

http://laser.org. Sailors will have to pay registration fees for each event in the series.

7 Scoring

7.1 Standards and Radials will be scored as separate one-design fleets.
7.2 Sailors must participate in 5 events to qualify for the final series standings. This is to encourage participation in events across District 24.
7.3 A high point scoring system will be utilized. The following table describes the maximum score possible at each series event based on the number of sailors competing at each event:

Number of Competitors / Maximum Points

>50: 30

35-49: 25

20-34: 20

10-19: 15

<10: 1 point for each entrant

The top finishing sailor at the event is rewarded with maximum points for the event. The second place sailor will be rewarded the maximum points minus one. The third place sailor receives the maximum minus two and so on. This progression will continue down to a minimum of one point rewarded for participating in the event. The completion of at least one race in an event is required for participation in the event. Registering for the event and then not sailing will not earn a point for a series participant and will not count towards the number of competitors. For series events not participated in, the score will be zero.

7.4 In order for a regatta to qualify as a series event, Lasers must have their own start both in the NOR and on the water. Standards and Radial do not need distinct starts for an event to qualify. If these conditions are not met, the regatta will be dropped from the series. This will not change the number of regattas required to qualify for the series. 7.5 There will be no throw-out events. All regattas count and none will be discarded.

8 Further Information

Stephen Aguilar, Laser District 24 Secretary, steve@laserdistrict24.org
Sponsor’s Contact, West Coast Sailing 709 N. Columbia Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97217 (503) 285-5536, Info@WestCoastSailing.net

A note from Stephen Aguilar:

Please pay special attention to item 1.1. Last year there were some issues with sails. Please make sure your boats conform to all class rules. If you show up with the wrong stuff you will not be scored and under class rules subject to a formal protest. Make sure your class membership is up to date. To join or renew or view class rules go to laser.org. Good luck and I hope to see you all out on the water this year.